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The Chinese Journal of Nonferrous Metals is a high-tech academic journal authorized by the China Association for Science and Technology, sponsored by The Nonferrous Metals Society of China and published by the Science Press of China. It was started in October 1991. It is published quarterly in 1991-1999, bimonthly in 2000-2003, and monthly from 2004. The Chinese Journal of Nonferrous Metals promptly reports the new theories, technologies and methods in the field of nonferrous metals science and technology. It includes two main columns: materials science and engineering; mine engineering, metallurgical engineering, and chemistry and chemical engineering of nonferrous metals. In view of total citation number and impact factor, this journal has become one of the most famous scientific and technical journals of China.

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Effect of grain size on the mechanical, friction, wear and corrosion properties of CoCrNi medium-entropy alloy
QIU Ying-kun ; AN Jin-hua ; YI Meng-ling ; LUO Jin-ru ; WANG Lin-zhi ; TU Jian ; ZHOU Zhi-ming ; HUANG Can
High value recovery of waste lithium iron phosphate batteries to prepare lithium iron phosphate materials
DONG Min, HU Qi-yang, LI Xin-hai, WANG Zhi-xing, GUO Hua-jun, YAN Guo-chun, PENG Wen-jie, LI Guang-chao, WANG Jie-xi
Rheological parameters prediction and characteristics of pipe transportation temperature distribution for ultra-fine tailings backfill slurry
SUN Hai-kuan, GAN De-qing, ZHANG Ya-jie, XUE Zhen-lin
Structure and process of HPGR for non-ferrous metal beneficiation
QU Tie,YANG Jian-bo, XIN Ya-tao, CHE Wen-fang
Carbon-based Catalyst Supported MnOx/Mn-N/C Used for Efficient Decomposition of Acidic Hydrogen Peroxide
YANG Liu, YU Chen, WU Ming-bo, WU Wen-ting
Separation of adjacent heavy rare earths erbium and thulium by non-equilibrium extraction
SUI Na, MIAO Shu-kai, CUI Kai-hui, HUANG Kun
Understanding and mechanical method of failure induced by defects in powder metallurgy nickel-based superalloys
SHI Yi, YANG Xiao-guang, LV Shuang-qi, XU Yue, SHI Duo-qi, HUANG Wei-qing
Deformation Characteristics and Thickness Ratio Control Strategy of SLS-TRC Process for Tri-Layer Composite Aluminum Plate
ZHAO Ridong, YAN Meng, SHEN Huiyun, GUO Laifen, HUANG Huagui
Conceptualization and method for synergetic mining of geothermal energy as solution to heat hazard control in deep mines
XU Yu, LI Zi-jun, JIA Min-tao, LIU Hua-sen, PAN Wei, LI Ming, ZHA Dao-han
Stability evaluation of inclined orebody stopes by using Mathews stability synthetic graph and numerical modeling of static and dynamic loads
ZHANG Zong-guo, SHI Xiu-zhi, QIU Xian-yang
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